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Now you can quickly and easily calculate your Toastmasters Membership dues … in just seconds!

Our interactive calculator will allow you to calculate dues for new members as well as existing members.

  1. New Member Fee:  Start by selecting the new member fee and selecting Yes/No.
  2. Toastmasters Dues:  Select your starting month.
  3. Club Dues: If your club has monthly dues, select the amount.
  4. Starting Month:  Select your starting month to calculate and you’re all set!

Toastmasters Club Dues are Due: 

April 1st & October 1st

Note: Starting with the October 2023 renewal period, Toastmasters International semiannual membership dues are now $60 USD. Dues were $45 and Increased to $60 on August 1, 2023.

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How to use the Dues Calculator Quick Video: 59 seconds!

When are Toastmasters Dues Due? 

Your member renewal payment is due twice a year, on April 1 and October 1. To remain in good standing and maintain access to Pathways, your dues payment must be received by Toastmaster World Headquarters on or before September 30/March 31.

How much are Toastmasters Dues? 

There are two types of dues.

1. Toastmasters International Dues are $60.00 for six months.

Note: October 2023 Renewal Period dues is now $60.00 for six months.

2. Club Monthly Dues vary by club.

International and Club dues are both paid semi-annually for each club that you are a member. If a member joins after each six month period has already started, then Toastmasters International dues are pro-rated $10.0 per month. Only new members pay a one-time new member fee of $20. Renewing members would not pay the $20 new member fee and only pay the TI $60.00 and club dues.

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Toastmasters Dues Calculator Tips

As a Toastmaster Club Treasurer here are a few tips to help collect dues and add new Toastmasters members.

1. Share this Dues Calculator with your club officers and members.

2. Members who know how to calculate dues can answer guest questions after the meeting.

3. Not knowing member dues holds up completing the new member agreement.

Often I would see guests eager to join a club, however only the Treasurer was confident in calculating dues. When you have multiple guests, limited time and only one person who knows how to figure out dues, you may lose potential members not willing to wait around.

Those not familiar with how to calculate dues would ask guests to come back next week to fill out the membership agreement.

As you can imagine, few return. It’s important to complete the new membership agreement and collect dues when your guests are excited vs. waiting another week.

Remember to always support your new members and reassure them they made a great decision and encourage them to fill a role in your next meeting. Sign them up for a supportive meeting role, then help them prepare and full fill the role. The sooner they start the sooner they will see the benefits!



How much does Toastmasters cost?

Membership dues are $60 USD every six months. ( Some clubs may also charge monthly club dues.)

Note: October 2023 Renewal Period dues are now $60.00 for six months.

How often are Toastmasters dues due?

Twice per year, on April 1 and October 1. Due payments must be received by Toastmasters World Headquarters on or before September 30th/March 31st for members to remain in good standing. 

Is Toastmasters worth it?

The benefits of Toastmasters include increased self-confidence, improved communication, presentation, and leadership skills. Members also network, develop friendships and have access to to the Pathways public speaking course material and Yoodli app.

How long does Toastmasters membership last?

Six months. Each 6 month period starts on April 1st and October 1st. New members can join in any month.

Note:  Club dues will vary for each club.

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