Below are the most popular questions that I’ve been asked over the years about designing websites and online marketing. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most commonly asked questions ...

Am I using WordPress?

Yes. Since I'm not a webdesigner and WordPress is one of the most commonly used platforms it's user friendly. There is also a lot of training available when you need help.

What Theme am I using?

The theme I'm using is Divi. The one decision what will make building your faster and easier if choosing the best theme. Divi is the way to go!

What hosting do I use?

Siteground. This hosting has a staging area for testing changes which really appealed to me. Other hosting I've used the past never had this option. I also noticed it was highly recommended.

Why build a WordPress Site?

Building a WordPress site will allow you the flexibility to create whatever look you wish. It gives you the freedom to change up the design to have a unique website.

Can you do this?

You can if you're willing to invest the time or work together with someone you can learn together. I personally don't build websites, however jumped in there and figured things out over time. It's not perfect, but improves over-time.

Is the site easy to update?

Yes! You'll find as you become more familiar with the Divi Theme Builder, it gets faster and faster to update. You'll find shortcuts to save time. Click here to learn some of the time-saving shortcuts I figured out!

Where do I buy domain names?

I buy my domain names from Godaddy. I bought my 1st domain in 2006, so it's more been out of habit. There are several options out there to buy your domain.

How do I market our clubs?

Primarily on Meetup.com and adding guest to an OutLook Calendar invite. Potential guests will automatically receive reminders to attend.

Do you I use email marketing?

Yes, I have an emailsequence set up that sends additional club info, success stories, benefits of Toastmasters and links to videos!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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