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Buiding relationships are important. By staying in touch with your guests you’ll find success in growing your membership!

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Growing Your Club: Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful way to grow your club. It can be used as an introduction, reminder and follow-up for meeting attendance and membership dues. This article will provide you with the basics of email marketing and how it can work for your club.

Basic Tips

 Save Yourself Time.

You’ll notice new guests will have many of the same questions when they reach out to your club. Your time is valuable. Save your self re-writing the same responses over and over again.

Save a template in your Outlook or Gmail which includes your club info:

  • Meeting Time
  • Date
  • Location
  • Zoom Meeting Information
  • Directions etc.

You can always add some personalization after you copy and paste all the important details. This keeps your messages consistent and you won’t leave anything out.

Advanced Strategies

Auto-Pilot Email Marketing.

How do we stay in touch when our lives have a million to-do’s? Automate it!

In one of my clubs, I’ve set up a follow up email sequence for potential new guests. It includes success stories, Toastmasters benefits, what makes our club different, Why people joined Toastmasters, links to videos and much more.

Currently there are 12 emails, one-per-day that are sent. Often those on the lists will reply back asking for more information or when our next meeting is to come and visit.

How is this done? Email Software.

By writing your emails in advance and scheduling them when a new person joins your list.



Once you have an email set up in advance, the software does all the work!

You’ll have everything scheduled to be sent once you have new subscribers. Viewing a recent report, my software sent over 750 emails on my behalf. They were, of course, all written by me and sent by the software in the sequence I set up …. and save me who knows how many hours trying to send them all manually.


Broadcast Email.

Quickly and easily get the word out fast!

You may have something important to share with those subscribers on your list. In that case, you can write one email and it will be sent to everyone on your list. These too can be scheduled.


Marketing Tips

You have a busy schedule. Your family, work, hobbies and you still want to do your best supporting your club. Learn how marketing automation can save you time and find new club members.

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