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Best WordPress Plugins

If you’re a marketer, you know that having the best wordpress plugins is critical to your success. Plugins can help you optimize your website for search engines, improve your email marketing efforts, and even create stunning visual effects. Below are some of the best wordpress plugins available!

Really Simple SSL.

This is an easy to use plugin to that will update your site to the https:// secure version and not use the http:// non-secure version.


SEO Optimization. Easily update the valuable SEO elements required for search engine rankings.

Broken Link Checker.

Receive email alert when links on your site are broken.


Optimize your images so they load fast and don’t slow down your page from loading.

WP Sitemap Page.

Creates your sitemap page.

Social Media - Monach.

Add professionally designed social sharing buttons.


You may need to redirect old pages to a newer version. 

Ninja Tables Pro.

I used this plugin to insert a table of our local clubs. It allows a Google Sheet to update the table on the site and allow it to be filtered and searchable for visitors.

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You have a busy schedule. Your family, work, hobbies and you still want to do your best supporting your club. Learn how marketing automation can save you time and find new club members.

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