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Robert Avila, DTM.

Is a Distinguished Toastmaster, Online Marketer, and Webmaster of the District 115 Toastmasters website and SEO at Zappos.com. Robert has been working in E-Commerce for 15 years, specializing in Paid Search and SEO.

 District Leadership Roles:

– District 115 Toastmaster of the Year 2019 – 2020

Robert Avila - DTM Toastmasters

– District 115 Webmaster 2022 – 2023

– District 115 Webmaster 2020 – 2021

– District 115 Webmaster  2019 – 2020

– District 33 Webmaster 2018 – 2019

– District 33 Division Director 2017 – 2018

– District 33 Area Director 2016 – 2017

What microphone do I use?  – Shure MV7

Why ToasterTips?

Whenever I presented the District 115 Toastmasters website during TLI Club Officer Training, some attendees would stay after to ask questions about FreeToastHost, creating club websites using WordPress, and marketing clubs online. After we discussed their questions, I didn’t have any additional resources to share to help people once they returned home and starting working on their websites.

In the beginning, I would schedule follow-up calls to go into further detail. As you can imagine, there wasn’t enough time available to schedule 1-hour calls to follow up with everyone.

Toastertips.com is where I can provide additional information:


  • Software Recommendations
  • How-To Training
  • WordPress Tips
  • Online Marketing Best Practices
  • Toastmasters Marketing Ideas
  • Follow-Up Strategies for Club Members and Guests
  • Toastmasters Dues Calculator 2021

Toastmasters WordPress - District Website

This is the NEW District 115 website designed in WordPress using the Elegant Themes Divi Theme.  It was created in Spring of 2019. One of the best features you'll currently find in the Divi theme which wasn't available then is the ability to create global templates for your header, footer, blog posts and pages. This will allow you to maintain consistency and create pages faster across your site.

District 115

Toastmasters WordPress/ClickFunnels – Club Website

Our ZToasters Club website was created in WordPress using Elegant Themes Divi Theme. I’ve also added pages created in ClickFunnels. For example the home, about, contact us, and Zoom pages were created in ClickFunnels. The only page created in WordPress is the blog section. The entire site is WordPress and I used the ClickFunnels WordPress Plugin to serve the ClickFunnels Pages. Remember it’s not recommended to use ClickFunnels this way. I did so that I could have a blog section for adding more content. ClickFunnels is a landing page builder for creating a sales funnel, not a traditional website.


Marketing Tips

You have a busy schedule. Your family, work, hobbies and you still want to do your best supporting your club. Learn how marketing automation can save you time and find new club members.

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