Marketing Tips

Here are a few ways to promote your club and share details with potential guests looking for a club! 

Need More Members?

One of the challenges I’ve seen many clubs experience is the lack of regular guests which leads to fewer members joining the club. Since not all current members remain members for a lifetime, there is always a need for new members.

How do you attract new guests and grow our membership?

Before you start experimenting with, Facebook and building a website, I recommend these tips to have a solid foundation.


  • If your current members aren’t showing up, it’s going to be tough for a new guests to be excited about joining.
  • Be sure your current members know how important their attendance is in attracting new members.
  • Grow your membership while your current membership is strong.
  • When your club is struggling with attendance, it’s even more challenging to add new members.
  • When you have strong membership attendance, make sure your Club Officers are actively performing their roles.

A Strong Club Is The Best Marketing Tool for Attracting New Members!

When guests visit your club, feel welcome, have fun, and believe they can improve their speaking skills by joining your club you will have success. Your club will grow!

How do you do this? Encourage members to fill roles, give their Ice Breaker speech, sign up as Toastmaster and help your Club Officers understand their roles.

All the technology in the world won’t help if everyone isn’t on board. OK, then how do you do that?


  • Repetition
  • Repetition
  • Repetition
  • Repetition
  • Repetition develops skill.
  • Continue to remind everyone to fill roles, give speeches and fulfill Club Officer Roles to the best of their ability.


New members are looking for a group to join.

Meetup has been the best source of guests from my experience. You may want to share the cost with another club if your budget is tight. Often I see it being the only source of guests so do what you can make sure your club is on Meetup.


Share your club and attract new member!

Posts and Facebook Live are always a great way to share your club on Social Media. Posting photos, video, sharing testimonials will attract new guests to visit your club!

Add Your Contact Info

Are you available to answer questions?

Is it easy for potential guests to reach someone if they have questions? No matter how much information you add to your club website or page, sometimes guest like to call before visiting your club. My cell phone number is on the top half our club website and is easy to find. I highly recommend adding your phone number. They may call, however I see most will send me a text.


Calendar Invites

Automatically Remind Members and Guests!

Once you have an OutLook or Google Calender invite set up, it will always remain on their calendar and update them on a regular basis. We once had a new guest become a member after being on our calendar for over 1 year!

Email Marketing

Time is limited, let email support you in staying in touch.

Your free club website has email available for following up with members and guests. You can also take things to the next level setting up an email series!

Build a WordPress Website

Create a unique online presence!

Your club or business has value and provides a unique experience. A professional WordPress Website will. showcase what you have to offer to new guests and customers