Robert’s Mic!

You’ll find the exact microphone set up I’m using: Mic, audio mixer, cables and mic arm!




What Microphone am I using?


As ridiculous as it may sound, I goofed around for years with a usb microphone (the Blue Yeti) that I saw many YouTubers using. Now it’s a great mic, you see tons of people using it today and for me, I could never get it to work. I was trying to eliminate an annoying high pitched background noise for nearly 6 years!!

How insane is that!

6 YEARS. I just checked the purchase date in my Amazon order history and nearly fell out of my chair!!!

I would watch hours of YouTube videos on how to eliminate this background noise with no luck. After hours of testing and frustration I would finally surrender.

Yeah, surrender only to return to face the challenge once again …. year after year.

It was a nightmare.

You must think I’d completely lost my mind.

The truth is ….

  • I didn’t want to quit.
  • I didn’t want to be defeated.
  • I saw other people on YouTube figured out the issue of removing the buzzing background noise.
  • 6 years, who cares … I was in no rush, I’ll just re-visit it each year and try to solve the issue. – Wrong!
  • AND I didn’t want to spend MORE money on another mic!!!

P.S. The Blue Yeti is a great mic, used by a ton of YouTubers – I may just be the only guy on planet earth who couldn’t figure out how to remove the buzzing background noise!


Finally … I admitted defeat AND Bought a NEW Mic!

That’s it. I was finished.

Adios to the Blue Yeti Microphone!

After watching several hours of YouTube reviews, I purchased the Shur MV7 USB mic.

And you know what … The Shure MV7 Worked!!!

It worked so well, I kept waiting for it not to work! Normal to me was a mic that didn’t work for 6 years and hours and hours trying to figure it out!

My brain couldn’t process that the damn thing worked perfectly !!!

I should have bought the Shure MV7 years ago!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most commonly asked Shure MV7 questions …

Is this a USB mic?

Yes and it sounds great! Easy to use, easy to set up and anyone can connect it and get started right away! Also, you can connect an XLR cable instead if you want. You have both options, whatever you prefer!

Do I need an audio mixer?

No, not if you use the USB cable. If you use the USB cable you connect directly to your computer and are ready to go!  If you use an XLR cable, then yes you will need to connect to an audio mixer that then connects to your computer.

What's an audio mixer?

An audio mixer is a device that controls and blends sound from multiple sources, like microphones and instruments. It helps you create a balanced and polished audio output for recordings or live performances.

Does it come with audio cables?

Yes, it comes with a usb-a and usb-c cable both are 10′ feet long. It does not come with an XLR cable.

Does it come with a mic stand?

No, it does not. You will want to purchase a stand or a microphone arm to support the microphone.

Doe is come with software?

Yes! It comes with the easy to use ShurePlus MOTIV app to remove background and laser focus on your voice!

Can I connect an XLR cable?

Yes you can! It’s sold separately, however it does come with a 10′ ft. usb-a and 10′ ft. usb-c cable.

What's an XLR cable?

An XLR is a type of audio cable used with microphones. If you use a USB cable, you can connect directly to your computer. But if you use an XLR cable, you’ll need an audio mixer to connect your microphone to the computer.

Does it come with an XLR cable?

No. It only comes with 10′ ft usb-a and usb-c cables.

Additional Audio Accessories

Once you are up and running with your NEW Shure MV7 Microphone or you already have an idea of how you want to set up your audio here are some additional accessories I’m also using …

  • Shure Windscreen – reduces wind noise Must Have! 
  • El Gato Wave Mic Arm – phenomenal, low profile clean design.
  • Wave XLR Audio Mixer – simple, easy to use!
  • El Gato XLR Microphone Cable – works great, highly recommended!


My Personal Pick …  Windscreen I’m using 

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My Personal Pick …  Webcam I’m using 

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My Personal Pick …  Audio Mixer I’m using 

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My Personal Pick …  low profile microphone arm I’m using 

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My Personal Pick …  XLR cable I’m using 

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