FreeToast Host Club Website Tips
Published on: December 7, 2021

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FreeToast Host Club Website Tips

FreeToast Host is a free, cloud-based toastmaster website builder.

You’ll easily update your club’s website and the best part Freetoast Host host is completely free for Toastmasters Clubs!

These 3 tips will focus on the basic design/layout of your website.

Top 3 Website Design Tips:

  1. Include the most important club meeting information at the top of the page.
  2. View your design on mobile and make sure it’s easy to read.
  3. Include your contact info.

Below is a sample of what information you’ll want to provide.

FreeToast Host Club Website Sample –

You’ll see the important details at top of the page that answers questions new guests will want to know:

  • Since this was at the heardquarters – Yes, non employees are welcome!
  • What day of week do we meet?
  • What time do we meet?
  • What’s the Zoom Online meeting link?
  • Where do we park?

Now it’s a very basic design and you can incorporate an image next to the info if you’d like. We decided to add an image below those details of the Zappos Lobby and wrap text content around it sharing more information about our club.

Our design has gone through multiple iterations and we decided to use the FreeToast Host site for members and a WordPress site for new prospects to market the club. It’s entirely up to you, most clubs have one site and speak to both audiences, members, and guests.

Below is our WordPress site for comparison.

Toastmasters WordPrss Club Website Sample –

You’ll see how this design is focused on attracting new members and doesn’t have the left navigation.

Valuable FreeToast Host Resouces:

If you need a FreeToastHost Website, you’ll want to visit the Request a Website Page

If you need FreeToastHost Support, check out their FreeToastHost Support site.

Sample Club Website: Click Here – Early Risers Toastmasters!
Sample District Website: Click Here – District 2 Toastmasters!

Wish you the best!


P.S. Quickly and Easily calculate duescheck out our Toastmasters Club Dues Calculator!

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